The network of warehouses for orthopedic mattresses was created in 2004. Behind our shoulders there is a really huge experience in sales of orthopedic mattresses.

Our main task is to help the buyer to understand as quickly as possible the manufacturers of mattresses and their different types, to give professional advice based on our extensive experience and to point out several specific models that are suitable for you, based on your weight, height, age.

The assortment of mattresses in Ukraine is really big, but it is necessary to understand that the person has the anatomic feature and personal wishes. We guarantee that we will choose a mattress that suits you. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the choice.

In case the mattress does not fit, we promise to change it. In our warehouses we have about 2000+ mattresses in stock and exchange - it's really easy. We are not an online intermediary store, we are loyal to our customers, we will do everything to make your sleep as comfortable as possible.


Our second strong point is delivery. It is very fast and comfortable. Every day Kiev and Kiev region are served by our trucks. Believe us, it will be fast and with respect both to you and to your personal time.


Let us briefly talk about the warranty.  When you buy a mattress you get a guarantee - a mattress passport. Follow the simple rules and recommendations of the manager, which we will tell you in detail when you buy a mattress.

We really value our reputation! You will appreciate our efforts!

You will not regret it.